The Top Tulsa Eye Clinic

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Eye care has always been predominant in my life, ever since I was a little kid. After all, if you can’t see, how are you supposed to function? Being legally blind is different. That can’t be changed. The only solution is to visit a Tulsa eye doctor, and it’s not like they’re located on every corner.

If you’re like me, then you’re also tired of having to search everywhere to find good tulsa optometry. With doctors being such a highly paid profession, you would think that more people should be good at it, right? Vision has been an issue on both sides of my family for a long time, and my sister has needed glasses for as long as a I can remember.

I’m not sure which Tulsa eye clinic I used to visit as a kid, but I do know for a fact that they are no longer around. After a couple months of fruitless searching, my friend told me about a Tulsa optometrist that had been sitting right under my nose this entire time.

Dr Zoellner & Associates are found in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and I’m glad I discovered them. Right from the start, the Tulsa eye doctors have been great to me. Loyalty and consistency are something that I always look for in the service industry, and I have not been disappointed in any way so far. Dr Zoellner & Associates is the “home of the $99 deal”, which I am going to get into.

You can head to either one of Dr Zoellner & Associates’s locations, and then pick one of two deals. The $99 deal, which I did, lets you get an eye exam AND a pair of glasses for just $99. For those of you who are relatively unfamiliar with Tulsa optometry, this is very affordable. Especially considering how good the quality of service is here.

The other Tulsa eye doctors will charge you this much for an eye exam alone, and they will either get the results wrong or they’ll try to push other deals onto you that you don’t want. My dad always says that the best salesman is an educator. If the doctor is just pushing the most expensive glasses onto me and won’t listen to my concerns, then I won’t go back. And I haven’t.

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Maybe I have just been to more than one terrible Tulsa eye clinic. Regardless of the quality of other Tulsa eye care, you can rest easily now if you’re looking for a Tulsa optometrist. I also appreciate how helpful and friendly the receptionist was. I’m relatively introverted, so it’s really awkward when the staff don’t acknowledge my presence.

Well now I’ve talked about price, service, and quality, so what is there left to say? With a regular place that was slightly better than the standard, they would likely stop here. But on top of all these other things, Dr Zoellner & Associates is also efficient. It’s always a good sign when a business is busy, because it means that people are paying for their services. However, it doesn’t matter how good the Tulsa optometrist is if you can’t get an appointment.

That’s where the efficiency comes into play. Not only do they have a lot of customers regularly, but there is always room for me. I feel as if the Tulsa eye doctors truly care about offering great eye care in Tulsa, and they’re not just in it for the money.

Which is the purpose of business. They should really consider expanding to other nearby cities, as that would help my relatives get some affordable service as well. One thing that I forgot to mention above is that you can also add a second pair of glasses to the $99 deal, and for just $30 more. That’s only one third of the original price.

San Francisco’s Top Three Restaurants of This Year

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San Francisco is a pretty populous town, in addition to all of the tourism. After all, we have Alcatraz! What else could you possibly need? If good food is the something else that you need, then you are in luck. With so many choices, you need someone like me to help you pick out the best one. That way you don’t waste your money or anything.

san francisco burmese restaurant

Not a lot of people have been or will ever be exposed to Burmese food. Burma Superstar deserves specials just for not being afraid to offer a new style of cuisine. I have never encountered another Burmese restaurant in San Francisco, or all of California, really. Maybe I just haven’t been looking hard enough. I personally have never been to Burma, but if the food is really this good then I will need to make a stop in the future.

Burmese food usually consists of salads with other food mixed in, and there are a lot of fish products used. Google helped me with that one. It is safe to say that there aren’t too many unhealthy things on the menu, so if you are a real health nut then have no fear. So far, my favorite two dishes have been the Burmese style curry beef and the garlic noodles. The curry beef comes out on top each time, but I usually bring my wife and we share both meals.

I have never had a bad meal from this San Francisco restaurant, and I am really certain that I will never have a bad meal from here. If you have never had pumpkin prawns, I would highly encourage you to try them. Even though ethnic foods have a tendency to turn a lot of people away before they even try it, Burma Superstar came off as a pleasant surprise.

The menu itself has a very wide variety, so even if you are a picky eater there will definitely be something for you. So many options, so few days. Maybe I’ll just have to move closer. Burma Superstar is located in Inner Richmond in San Francisco, right in the nice side of town. There is on caveat, unfortunately. Admittedly, the hours are a little weird.

It may be a cultural thing, but I won’t put them down for it. After all, it’s better than having an inferior Burmese restaurant in San Francisco. Burma Superstar isn’t only about serving great food, however. The management found a way to balance amazing service and food, and keep the decor interesting and fresh enough to keep people coming back. There are some windows that provide natural light to the restaurant’s atmosphere, which I think is better than simply putting up lightbulbs all over the restaurant.

Speaking of simple, I also appreciate that Burma Superstar’s management opted for a simple look, not buying needless incessant clutter to fill up every square inch of the wall. No gimmicks here, the great food advertises itself. I’m not sure how long Burma Superstar has been around, but I do know of some great restaurant hood cleaners in the Bay Area that could always use some additional business.

The reason I mention this is because Burma Superstar has a very clean restaurant all around, and it got me thinking about the kitchen. Even if Burma Superstar’s management is paying for hood cleaning services from someone else, it never hurts to have a backup.  They don’t just do hood cleaning either, they also offer things like commercial kitchen cleaning.

Just because your hood is clean doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean the rest of the kitchen while you’re at it. I’m not particularly knowledgable about the industry, but if you own a restaurant and want to know more, they have an about page. Burma Superstar is the highest rated Burmese restaurant I know of, and I read all of the positive online reviews so I know what people are saying. No complaints here.

san francisco asian restaurant

These next two reviews will be somewhat rapid-fire, because all three restaurants are just as good as one another in my opinion. That’s why they’re the top three, of course. Next up is my favorite wing place in San Francisco, San Tung. It’s not just a wing place, which is surprising considering how good they are.

If you prefer Chinese noodles instead, then you’re also in luck. One thing I have noticed about San Tung is the fact that a lot of people bring their kids to eat here. It’s located right in Inner Sunset in San Francisco, so you’re not eating in a shady part of town or anything like that. All of the proportions with each meal are great though, and I have never needed to order more than one dish.

I wish I had the room to, though. Not only are the dishes great and filling, but they are affordable. As a middle-class worker, I don’t just have money to throw at food that may or may not be good. That’s why I eat at San Tung, because the food is consistently good and doesn’t cost too much. The others who wrote the great online reviews must have had the same idea as me.

mediterranean food san francisco

Last but not least, I couldn’t finish the review without talking about my favorite Mediterranean restaurant in San Francisco. My wife would disown me. Let me just preface the review by stating that if you like lamb chops at all, you will visit Kokkari Estiatorio upon arriving in San Francisco. Unless you live here, of course.

The lamb chops are by far the greatest item on the menu, and they are cooked to perfection. It’s like they have a chef for each person who enters the restaurant, and that chef has dedicated their life to making the perfect meal just for you. My wife and I have been let down by other Greek restaurants in San Francisco, so visiting one that was so amazing was definitely a nice change of pace.

Even after the first visit, she and I both left amazing reviews online. Just make sure you’re somewhat close to Embarcadero in San Francisco, because you’ll have to fight me for a seat otherwise. Overall, three very good restaurants. I look forward to the next time I’m hungry.

The Top Three Best Restaurants of Tampa

tampa restaurant big easy

Tampa is a pretty popular tourism town, because of the zoo and aquarium among other attractions. I have lived here since I was a kid, and I know that the thing keeping me here is the cuisine. Not a lot of people know this, but Tampa houses a lot of the greatest restaurants in Washington. Maybe even the U.S., depending on what kind of food you’re into. All great restaurants need reviews to point out what they do right, and that is exactly what I will be doing.
tampa big easy restaurant great food

The first restaurant that I have to talk about is absolutely my favorite restaurant in Tampa. That restaurant would be The Big Easy. Here, you will be eating in the Historic Ybor area of Tampa. Lots of other great restaurants nearby, so if you’re planning a museum visit or something similar then I would encourage you to make it an all-day event. You could breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Ybor.

The Big Easy is a bar, so no kids allowed. In my opinion, that’s both a good and a bad thing. Rowdy kids are one of my pet peeves in Tampa restaurants, and it feels like parents are becoming more and more tolerant of bad behavior with their children. Beer cheese isn’t normally something that I would enjoy, but it tastes different here.

In a good way. Maybe the chefs have their own little farm inside the kitchen where they grow all of their own natural ingredients. The world may never know. Although the beer cheese is really great, I think my favorite dish is likely the Shrimp & Grits. Seafood isn’t for everyone, but I have found that the chefs at The Big Easy balanced all of the flavors well.

Not everyone can pull of shrimp dishes, and I appreciate that this Tampa restaurant does. It probably helps that Tampa is located on the coast, so that way the chefs have no shortage of fresh seafood. The Big Easy doesn’t just have good food, though. Over time, I have come to appreciate the service. It’s almost habitual for me now, expecting great service whenever I go out to eat.

That doesn’t always happen, and The Big Easy has gotten me used to it. All of the wait staff at this Tampa restaurant know and love the menu, and they’re very helpful. Even when I ate here for the first time and had no idea what to order, the waiter had suggestions both from personal experience and what other customers had ordered previously in the same day. On top of that, they are always making sure that your glass is full.

I checked, and it’s not just me that they are always assisting. I have also seen the owner come out and help a few times, which is always appreciated. It’s nice when the management of a restaurant doesn’t treat it purely as a business, and more of a place to have a good time. For both parties involved.

I have asked my waiter to give the chefs my compliments on multiple occasions, and under no circumstances would I take it back. If you’re still on the fence, or you just want to learn more about The Big Easy’s menu, make sure to look online at the many amazing online reviews this Tampa restaurant has. I guarantee, you will not be disappointed.

tampa restaurant italian food

Next, there’s Oggi Italian. This time around, you will be eating in the Davis Islands area of Tampa. You can’t go wrong with Italian food, especially not in Tampa. Oggi Italian serves Italian food, as the name suggests, but you would be surprised at how much Italian food is out there aside from the common dishes that everyone knows about.

Like spaghetti, for example. Fret not, if you’re uninterested in trying new foods that you haven’t heard of, you won’t be forced to try anything new. However,  Oggi Italian does offer new twists on classic dishes that I really love. I order something different each time I go to Oggi Italian, but that’s not to say that the dishes are bad.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Each dish so far has been great, and I have not been disappointed once. That’s how you know a restaurant is great in general, and they don’t just specialize in one dish. A lot of Italian restaurants that I have tried in Tampa only really specialized in one thing, like salads or pasta.

Not here. This may not be my favorite Tampa restaurant of all time, but it is still one of my favorites. And with a ton of good restaurants in Tampa, there is some pretty stiff competition. All of the great reviews clearly agree with me, I’m not making this stuff up.

tampa pretzel and german bar

Finally, there’s Prost Kitchen + Bar. German cuisine is usually associated with alcohol, but the food here is also killer. Why else would it be one of my favorite Tampa restaurants? This restaurant is found nearby Lake Forest in Tampa. What sets Prost Kitchen + Bar apart from the competition is their sanitation.

Not once have I found a single piece of anything that was not supposed to be there, and for that I am thankful. Even the bathrooms are clean, which I think is pretty uncommon in a lot of Florida restaurants. Maybe Tampa just has some great restaurant owners. One thing that the owners should keep in mind if they want to continue this trend is kitchen sanitation.

Just because we can’t see back there doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be clean. That’s not to say that restaurant kitchens are all dirty, but they also should not be. The hardest part of a kitchen to clean is the exhaust hood, since it has to be done by a professional, so I guess it also makes sense that it’s the most vital part.

Fortunately for Prost Kitchen + Bar, I know some great restaurant hood cleaners located right within the city. From what I have heard, they also offer additional services like rooftop grease containment. I’ll have to read the about page on the website if I want to know more.

If I strike up conversation with the owner of Prost Kitchen + Bar, I know I’ll make sure to mention to them. Prost Kitchen + Bar has earned the positive online reviews that my friends and I wrote, and we look forward to our next meal.

The Top Four Dinner Restaurants in Denver

denver colorado wings restaurant

Denver’s a somewhat popular tourist town, but it doesn’t really have any major attractions or reasons to visit. I have taken it on as my personal duty to inform the public about my favorite restaurants, after having lived here for a few years. On the plus side, my wife is a food critic, so you wont have to worry about an uninformed opinion.

brutal poodle restaurant denver

My all-time favorite restaurant in Denver is the Brutal Poodle. Best chicken and waffles I have ever eaten in my life. This place is in the Highland neighborhood of Denver, CO. They have a lot of other food on the menu, however, ranging from “Surf N’ Turf” chili rellenos (another personal favorite of mine) to more obscure dishes such as bone marrow soup. Not as bad as it sounds, in fact. The friendly and helpful waiters always make it a pleasure to be inside of, and the desserts are to die for.

Another aspect they really get right that a lot of other restaurants struggle with is ambience and aesthetic. I’ve been in far too many restaurants where they’re blasting radio music over an intercom while you’re just trying to converse with your friends or family. Since my wife is a food critic, she always tells me that there are three most important aspects of a managing a restaurant. First of all, the food.

I already stated previously that the food is amazing. You can taste how fresh the ingredients are, and I’m dying to go back behind the kitchen and watch them work their magic. The owner, now a friend of mine after dining on multiple occasions, said that he’ll let me take a peek next time we visit. I’m going to see if I can trip him up by spotting something dirty in his kitchen. Most people don’t know about exhaust hoods in kitchens, but they could be the most important aspect of maintaining safety in a kitchen.

I know what a dirty one looks like, and if theirs is dirty, I’ll have to slip the owner the number of a great Denver hood cleaning business that I know about. My wife and I have both left positive online reviews, and we encourage you to do so as well if you enjoy your meal. It really helps a business garner a better reputation, which is important in such a competitive industry.

root down restaurant denver

Next up is a vegan restaurant, which have been cropping up more and more all over town in the recent years. Root Down is likely the best vegan restaurant I’ve visited in Denver. It’s not a theme that a lot of people think about, because it’s more of a dietary restriction/lifestyle than a choice of food. This restaurant is also located in Highland in Denver. You know Root Down has the freshest ingredients, because that’s the only type of food that they’ll serve.

Again, the three aspects. First up is the food. I absolutely love Root Down’s falafel. The first time we at this restaurant, we ordered parsnip soup to start with. I didn’t want to eat too much so I could save room for my other food, which turned out to be a real struggle. My wife had to pry my hands off the spoon! She ordered the “Devil on Horseback”, and I had the sweet potato falafel. The food was absolutely amazing.

I’m a huge barbecue guy, so I was a little apprehensive at first. Now I know that you don’t have to put meat in something to make it taste good. The second aspect is service. Root Down’s waiters were very friendly and accommodating, which can make or break a place. Having waiters who don’t want customers there will only turn customers away and prevent the restaurant from making any revenue. In a city as popular as Denver, you know the property’s rent has to be insane.

The owner himself has even come out on a few occasions to make sure that everyone was enjoying their meal. Always a pleasure to meet the people running a restaurant, so it feels more down to earth an personal. Nothing’s worse than feeling like you mean nothing to a restaurant, and you’re only an expendable source of income. The final aspect is aesthetic. If a place is too dark, too loud, or has really ugly paintings hung all over that distract you, then you’re not going to want to stay inside.

Root Down is very open and attractive on the inside, and the volume is kept to a tolerable level so that you’re not disturbed while you chow down on your tasty falafel. They could have used more artwork around the inside, but that’s not to everyone’s tase. It is incredibly hard to accommodate every single person who enters your restaurant. I gave this place 5 stars out of 5 in Yelp, which I will defend to this day if anybody sees it as hyperbolic. The overall experience is just enjoyable, even before you get your food. Check out some of the other great online reviews if you don’t believe me.

denver colorado work and class restaurant

Finally, there’s Work & Class. This restaurant is for anyone who wants to get the feel of a high-caliber cocktail bar without wasting all their money on drinks before they can order food. This time around, you’ll find your place near Five Points in Denver. Work & Class serves you great food, and has this general feeling of cleanliness and wealth inside.

The waiters act very professional, even when the old man behind me was becoming cranky because his poor communication skills conflicted with the waitress’s inability to hear his quiet voice. If I had to pick a favorite dish, it would be anything that contained their brisket. Oh, and their pudding was amazing.

Butterscotch can taste really rich at times, but this one had a balanced flavor that still managed to taste amazing without making me sick to my stomach. I read a lot of reviews for this restaurant, so I was eager to visit them for the very first time. I’m glad to say that I wasn’t disappointed, and clearly none of the other positive reviews on google were either.

Where and how I grew up

This is probably going to be a two part article, since I’ve been alive for seventeen years. It won’t be a biography about my life, but more of a summary about my raising. First of all I have to preface this by saying that I’m working out of the school library by using the computers during an assembly. The assemblies are basically just the entire school watching a few people play games while they blast terrible music. I was born in a hospital in Springfield, Oregon. Although I lived in Eugene. I had two parents who loved each other very much, and I had two older sisters. Having siblings taught me sharing and also how to interact with others. We originally lived in a small single-story house, and I shared a room with my sister naomi. Rebecca is ten years older than me, so she moved out after we moved to our second house. She lived with josh.

las vegas liquor license

That’s unfortunate. We were all raised to have personal responsibility, also known as being conservative. We’ve always done chores and worked for things that we wanted, even from really young ages. I’m not sure if it’s my personality or if it was how my parents raised me, but I don’t really like being given things. I like to work for them. My friend in Vegas is the same way. He gets everything he wants, because he works so hard at the taylor consulting group. On second thought, this probably won’t really be two articles. I ran out of thing a lot faster than I had originally planned on. One thing I can definitely tell you guys about me growing up is that I’ve been to a lot of schools, and it has affected my personality. I had a few friends in kindergarten, but in first grade, I was always a loner and it never really bothered me.

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As I’ve moved to each school I’ve made friends within at least a month of each year. After moving to this school, I just stopped bothering to make friends. My mom always tells me that I’m too cold and unfeeling towards others, but I just don’t sympathize with them. If everyone is so nice and friendly, why doesn’t anybody interact with me if I don’t speak first? I’m not putting out any effort until someone else does. It’s kind of strange how I always end up cynical and complaining by the end of each article. At least I know I wasn’t raised to be a negative person

Back to school

Now that summer is officially over, all of my friends have gone back to school. I was planning on going with my friend on his first day of school, but I had to work plus I didn’t really plan it out very well. Honestly, I probably would have just been kicked out since I’m not in their official records. On the plus side, Wild Island is still open so I’m going with Steph this weekend. They’re open until around the 27th, I think. I’d check but I’m too busy doing my fans a service by typing out all of my thoughts. Speaking of fans, I left mine on at home this morning.

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We’re not especially poor or anything so we won’t have to mortgage the house to cover our electric bill, but it still pays not to be wasteful. I have to sleep with it on, because the absolute silence bothers me. Plus I’m afraid of the dark so it helps block out any small sounds that would probably frighten me. The only reason I’m afraid of the dark is because I can’t see what’s there. Intolerance of uncertainty is a symptom of generalized anxiety disorder, but you probably already knew that. After all, you read all my blog posts since you’re a loyal fan. Most of you guys reading this are probably just doing it out of boredom because you’re not paying attention in your new classes.

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Steph goes to Hug High School, where everyone thinks they go to Thug High School.It must suck to live in Scum Valley. Unfortunately for her, she’s taking sophomore classes as a freshman but they’re just the basic level ones. They’re not honors classes, so she’s stuck with all the sophomores who just don’t want to be there. After all, stupid is a choice. Just like how going to the most reliable people for a carpet cleaning is a choice. This, however, is a way better choice than being a thug. Plus it’s probably a lot cheaper, but I don’t own a home so I wouldn’t know. Hey, I’m only 16, after all.