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Eye care has always been predominant in my life, ever since I was a little kid. After all, if you can’t see, how are you supposed to function? Being legally blind is different. That can’t be changed. The only solution is to visit a Tulsa eye doctor, and it’s not like they’re located on every corner.

If you’re like me, then you’re also tired of having to search everywhere to find good tulsa optometry. With doctors being such a highly paid profession, you would think that more people should be good at it, right? Vision has been an issue on both sides of my family for a long time, and my sister has needed glasses for as long as a I can remember.

I’m not sure which Tulsa eye clinic I used to visit as a kid, but I do know for a fact that they are no longer around. After a couple months of fruitless searching, my friend told me about a Tulsa optometrist that had been sitting right under my nose this entire time.

Dr Zoellner & Associates are found in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and I’m glad I discovered them. Right from the start, the Tulsa eye doctors have been great to me. Loyalty and consistency are something that I always look for in the service industry, and I have not been disappointed in any way so far. Dr Zoellner & Associates is the “home of the $99 deal”, which I am going to get into.

You can head to either one of Dr Zoellner & Associates’s locations, and then pick one of two deals. The $99 deal, which I did, lets you get an eye exam AND a pair of glasses for just $99. For those of you who are relatively unfamiliar with Tulsa optometry, this is very affordable. Especially considering how good the quality of service is here.

The other Tulsa eye doctors will charge you this much for an eye exam alone, and they will either get the results wrong or they’ll try to push other deals onto you that you don’t want. My dad always says that the best salesman is an educator. If the doctor is just pushing the most expensive glasses onto me and won’t listen to my concerns, then I won’t go back. And I haven’t.

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Maybe I have just been to more than one terrible Tulsa eye clinic. Regardless of the quality of other Tulsa eye care, you can rest easily now if you’re looking for a Tulsa optometrist. I also appreciate how helpful and friendly the receptionist was. I’m relatively introverted, so it’s really awkward when the staff don’t acknowledge my presence.

Well now I’ve talked about price, service, and quality, so what is there left to say? With a regular place that was slightly better than the standard, they would likely stop here. But on top of all these other things, Dr Zoellner & Associates is also efficient. It’s always a good sign when a business is busy, because it means that people are paying for their services. However, it doesn’t matter how good the Tulsa optometrist is if you can’t get an appointment.

That’s where the efficiency comes into play. Not only do they have a lot of customers regularly, but there is always room for me. I feel as if the Tulsa eye doctors truly care about offering great eye care in Tulsa, and they’re not just in it for the money.

Which is the purpose of business. They should really consider expanding to other nearby cities, as that would help my relatives get some affordable service as well. One thing that I forgot to mention above is that you can also add a second pair of glasses to the $99 deal, and for just $30 more. That’s only one third of the original price.

Back to school

Now that summer is officially over, all of my friends have gone back to school. I was planning on going with my friend on his first day of school, but I had to work plus I didn’t really plan it out very well. Honestly, I probably would have just been kicked out since I’m not in their official records. On the plus side, Wild Island is still open so I’m going with Steph this weekend. They’re open until around the 27th, I think. I’d check but I’m too busy doing my fans a service by typing out all of my thoughts. Speaking of fans, I left mine on at home this morning.

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We’re not especially poor or anything so we won’t have to mortgage the house to cover our electric bill, but it still pays not to be wasteful. I have to sleep with it on, because the absolute silence bothers me. Plus I’m afraid of the dark so it helps block out any small sounds that would probably frighten me. The only reason I’m afraid of the dark is because I can’t see what’s there. Intolerance of uncertainty is a symptom of generalized anxiety disorder, but you probably already knew that. After all, you read all my blog posts since you’re a loyal fan. Most of you guys reading this are probably just doing it out of boredom because you’re not paying attention in your new classes.

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Steph goes to Hug High School, where everyone thinks they go to Thug High School.It must suck to live in Scum Valley. Unfortunately for her, she’s taking sophomore classes as a freshman but they’re just the basic level ones. They’re not honors classes, so she’s stuck with all the sophomores who just don’t want to be there. After all, stupid is a choice. Just like how going to the most reliable people for a carpet cleaning is a choice. This, however, is a way better choice than being a thug. Plus it’s probably a lot cheaper, but I don’t own a home so I wouldn’t know. Hey, I’m only 16, after all.