Where and how I grew up

This is probably going to be a two part article, since I’ve been alive for seventeen years. It won’t be a biography about my life, but more of a summary about my raising. First of all I have to preface this by saying that I’m working out of the school library by using the computers during an assembly. The assemblies are basically just the entire school watching a few people play games while they blast terrible music. I was born in a hospital in Springfield, Oregon. Although I lived in Eugene. I had two parents who loved each other very much, and I had two older sisters. Having siblings taught me sharing and also how to interact with others. We originally lived in a small single-story house, and I shared a room with my sister naomi. Rebecca is ten years older than me, so she moved out after we moved to our second house. She lived with josh.

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That’s unfortunate. We were all raised to have personal responsibility, also known as being conservative. We’ve always done chores and worked for things that we wanted, even from really young ages. I’m not sure if it’s my personality or if it was how my parents raised me, but I don’t really like being given things. I like to work for them. My friend in Vegas is the same way. He gets everything he wants, because he works so hard at the taylor consulting group. On second thought, this probably won’t really be two articles. I ran out of thing a lot faster than I had originally planned on. One thing I can definitely tell you guys about me growing up is that I’ve been to a lot of schools, and it has affected my personality. I had a few friends in kindergarten, but in first grade, I was always a loner and it never really bothered me.

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As I’ve moved to each school I’ve made friends within at least a month of each year. After moving to this school, I just stopped bothering to make friends. My mom always tells me that I’m too cold and unfeeling towards others, but I just don’t sympathize with them. If everyone is so nice and friendly, why doesn’t anybody interact with me if I don’t speak first? I’m not putting out any effort until someone else does. It’s kind of strange how I always end up cynical and complaining by the end of each article. At least I know I wasn’t raised to be a negative person

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