San Francisco’s Top Three Restaurants of This Year

san francisco asian restaurant

burmese food in san francisco

San Francisco is a pretty populous town, in addition to all of the tourism. After all, we have Alcatraz! What else could you possibly need? If good food is the something else that you need, then you are in luck. With so many choices, you need someone like me to help you pick out the best one. That way you don’t waste your money or anything.

san francisco burmese restaurant

Not a lot of people have been or will ever be exposed to Burmese food. Burma Superstar deserves specials just for not being afraid to offer a new style of cuisine. I have never encountered another Burmese restaurant in San Francisco, or all of California, really. Maybe I just haven’t been looking hard enough. I personally have never been to Burma, but if the food is really this good then I will need to make a stop in the future.

Burmese food usually consists of salads with other food mixed in, and there are a lot of fish products used. Google helped me with that one. It is safe to say that there aren’t too many unhealthy things on the menu, so if you are a real health nut then have no fear. So far, my favorite two dishes have been the Burmese style curry beef and the garlic noodles. The curry beef comes out on top each time, but I usually bring my wife and we share both meals.

I have never had a bad meal from this San Francisco restaurant, and I am really certain that I will never have a bad meal from here. If you have never had pumpkin prawns, I would highly encourage you to try them. Even though ethnic foods have a tendency to turn a lot of people away before they even try it, Burma Superstar came off as a pleasant surprise.

The menu itself has a very wide variety, so even if you are a picky eater there will definitely be something for you. So many options, so few days. Maybe I’ll just have to move closer. Burma Superstar is located in Inner Richmond in San Francisco, right in the nice side of town. There is on caveat, unfortunately. Admittedly, the hours are a little weird.

It may be a cultural thing, but I won’t put them down for it. After all, it’s better than having an inferior Burmese restaurant in San Francisco. Burma Superstar isn’t only about serving great food, however. The management found a way to balance amazing service and food, and keep the decor interesting and fresh enough to keep people coming back. There are some windows that provide natural light to the restaurant’s atmosphere, which I think is better than simply putting up lightbulbs all over the restaurant.

Speaking of simple, I also appreciate that Burma Superstar’s management opted for a simple look, not buying needless incessant clutter to fill up every square inch of the wall. No gimmicks here, the great food advertises itself. I’m not sure how long Burma Superstar has been around, but I do know of some great restaurant hood cleaners in the Bay Area that could always use some additional business.

The reason I mention this is because Burma Superstar has a very clean restaurant all around, and it got me thinking about the kitchen. Even if Burma Superstar’s management is paying for hood cleaning services from someone else, it never hurts to have a backup.  They don’t just do hood cleaning either, they also offer things like commercial kitchen cleaning.

Just because your hood is clean doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean the rest of the kitchen while you’re at it. I’m not particularly knowledgable about the industry, but if you own a restaurant and want to know more, they have an about page. Burma Superstar is the highest rated Burmese restaurant I know of, and I read all of the positive online reviews so I know what people are saying. No complaints here.

san francisco asian restaurant

These next two reviews will be somewhat rapid-fire, because all three restaurants are just as good as one another in my opinion. That’s why they’re the top three, of course. Next up is my favorite wing place in San Francisco, San Tung. It’s not just a wing place, which is surprising considering how good they are.

If you prefer Chinese noodles instead, then you’re also in luck. One thing I have noticed about San Tung is the fact that a lot of people bring their kids to eat here. It’s located right in Inner Sunset in San Francisco, so you’re not eating in a shady part of town or anything like that. All of the proportions with each meal are great though, and I have never needed to order more than one dish.

I wish I had the room to, though. Not only are the dishes great and filling, but they are affordable. As a middle-class worker, I don’t just have money to throw at food that may or may not be good. That’s why I eat at San Tung, because the food is consistently good and doesn’t cost too much. The others who wrote the great online reviews must have had the same idea as me.

mediterranean food san francisco

Last but not least, I couldn’t finish the review without talking about my favorite Mediterranean restaurant in San Francisco. My wife would disown me. Let me just preface the review by stating that if you like lamb chops at all, you will visit Kokkari Estiatorio upon arriving in San Francisco. Unless you live here, of course.

The lamb chops are by far the greatest item on the menu, and they are cooked to perfection. It’s like they have a chef for each person who enters the restaurant, and that chef has dedicated their life to making the perfect meal just for you. My wife and I have been let down by other Greek restaurants in San Francisco, so visiting one that was so amazing was definitely a nice change of pace.

Even after the first visit, she and I both left amazing reviews online. Just make sure you’re somewhat close to Embarcadero in San Francisco, because you’ll have to fight me for a seat otherwise. Overall, three very good restaurants. I look forward to the next time I’m hungry.

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