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Pulling off a great event without a hitch is always a huge challenge.  Whether you are hosting an event at your private residence or renting out a specific facility for the party, you need to be prepared.  In my years as the Events Manager for a local health club I’ve found that having all the perfect supplies and amenities are truly key.  There is really nothing like putting a plan together in your head for the event and then seeing it come to fruition.  I’ve done everything from small birthday parties to major corporate events during my career.  The biggest key factor that always made my event a success is my ability to communicate with the great party rental companies here in Las Vegas.  I had specific items from each party rental businesses that I would go back to each and every time but my favorite by far is Las Vegas Party Rental Pros.  They are absolutely the best when it comes to party rentals.

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One of the most memorable events that my staff and I put together was the Players that Care Foundation charity tennis tournament and exhibition.  Serena Williams was the host with many other professionals who helped out.  This event was a huge success and I am thankful that I had all the supplies and amenities from my party rental source.  We had a large banquet after the exhibition where I rented a large heated tent from my party rental business.  In the tent we prepared a delicious buffet of lunch items.  The party rental store stepped up to the plate to assist me in being prepared with everything I would need to make that event a huge rentals las vegas

It used to be that you were incredibly limited to what you could find when it came to party rentals.  Now, party rental businesses provide just about anything your mind could imagine.  Especially, here in Las Vegas, the party rental businesses are always trying to “one up” the next one.  I really think that events here in Vegas have gone totally over the top.  Let’s face it, we are the entertainment capital of the world and have so many things to choose from here as well.

One large advantage about working with my preferred party rental business is that they provide on site experts for your assistance in planning and preparing for your event.  You can actually schedule an appointment with one of their professionals and start your planning.  I always have great experiences starting the planning of my events at the party rental facility.  We get to start with tables, chairs, linens and centerpieces.  I always have some sort of theme or specific colors in mind prior to arriving at the party rental storer.  I just love that I get to put everything out just as it would look like during the event.  I also adore getting to look around in the showroom at all the other available items for party rentals.  I find so many other things that I didn’t think of when I visit the party rental showroom.

Like I said earlier, there are so many party rental businesses in Las Vegas now and they really are going all out to compete with one another.  Here are some of the unique items that are available for your next event:

  • Audio/Visual equipment
  • BBQ’s and Ovens
  • Mobile bars
  • Dance Floors and Stages
  • Draperies and Wall Decor
  • Carpet and Flooring
  • Heaters and Air Conditioners
  • Lighting
  • Tents of all sizes and shapes
  • LED Lighted FurnitureLED furniture party rental

These are just some of the unusual items that you would have never found years ago in the party rental industry.  Of course, there are still the traditional tables, chairs, linens, dish ware, flat ware and all types of glasses.  You are able to create an entirely unique experience today when it comes to the items that are available through our local party rental inventory.

Events usually cause some sort of anxiety when putting them together but working with the right party rental business will make life much easier.  Make sure that once you know you are going to be hosting an event that you get to work immediately.  It is never too soon to start planning a party as there is always that one thing that gets forgotten.  Make check list’s and go over them consistently while putting together your event.  Don’t forget that if you don’t have a specific venue for your event, ask the party rental store.  They have preferred venues that they have worked with in the past and really do know which ones are best.  You are welcome to pick up your party rental items once you have rented them but I always preferred the delivery service.  Ask about discounts for delivery based on the dollar amount of your party rental items.  Typically, the more items that you rent, the higher the delivery discount.  Some even offer free delivery if your order exceeds their minimum spend.

One last piece of advice…..take a deep breath and let the party get started.  As long as you are having a good time and the party is beautiful, your guest’s will be pleased as well.

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