Concrete Paver Benefits in Vegas

I’m so excited to have completed our backyard last winter just in time for spring.  It was a great experience and all the sub contractors really stepped up to the plate to finish their portion of the remodel.  One thing that I noticed during the spring and summer months enjoying our backyard was that there really wasn’t a bunch of colors.  It was basically all just extremely similar and really blended in all together.  The only thing that stood out was the crystal blue pool.  Not that it was bad, it just seemed a bit boring.concrete pavers las vegas

I was determined to make some sort of addition or create some new effect that would liven the space up a bit.  After sifting through literally hundreds of landscape and gardening books and magazines, I found the correct solution.  I saw hundreds of photos where people incorporated concrete pavers into their landscaping and thought they would be something to investigate.  In looking around for the concrete pavers I came across so many styles and colors for me to choose from.  I had several different companies that provide the concrete pavers and the installation as well.  I took about 3 total weekends towards the end of the summer driving my husband around to all of the places where we could check out samples and examples of concrete pavers.  We even attended a home and garden show where we were able to meet and speak with several companies trying to sell us concrete pavers.

Wow am I glad we chose Las Vegas Sealing to do our concrete pavers.  They were such professionals about everything from the detailed estimate to the completion and clean up of such a huge project.  We had about 10 different colors and patterns that they provided to us and set them all up in our backyard so that we could see what everything was going to look like.  We made our choice and they got to work immediately.  Most concrete paver companies are not busy in the fall and winter months so that makes it a great time to schedule your installation.las vegas concrete pavers

My husband and I have never been more happy and we can see what a difference in the color pallet of our backyard that the concrete pavers have made.  They really make a statement and the pattern we choose is absolutely gorgeous.  The one thing that I didn’t expect is that concrete pavers are pretty durable here in Las Vegas.  We actually live in the Henderson community just outside of Las Vegas but it is the same climate.  The concrete pavers can actually stay cool here in the hot heat of the summer.  If the concrete pavers are properly installed and sealed they can last upwards of 20 years.  I know that pool cool decking will need to be re done much sooner than that.  The key to the maintenance of the concrete pavers is the paver sealing process that needs to be done about every 2 to 3 years.

Looking back, I wished we would have installed the concrete pavers from the beginning.  The patio and pool area look wonderful and I would totally suggest concrete pavers for people living in the Southwest area of the country.  Places that get hot like the Phoenix area would totally benefit them as well I’m sure.

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