3 Historical Gastropubs in Houston, TX

Houston Restaurant Review

Houston Restaurant ReviewI found the word “gastropub” while doing restaurant reviews and thought I would narrow down my search to just these kinds of restaurants.  The definition of “gastropub” is simple:  a pub that specializes in serving high-quality food.  So here are three gastropubs in Houston, TX that you might want to check out.

The Hearsay Market Square is located in a two-story building that was built in 1889.  With a long history dating back to the civil war, the original building was used during the war as a Confederate armory.  While that building burned in 1888 (originally built in 1860), it was reconstructed to become a dry goods business.

Sadly it burned a second time in 1889 but was rebuilt after it was purchased a Houston architect and artist Lee Brenner.  You can still see the original iron and brass workings inside.  This includes the staircase and its railing with the built-in cabinets and shelving.Houston Restaurant Review

The Landmark Houston Hospitality Group bought the building in 20098 for the Hearsay restaurant.    This building is a must see when you visit the Houston area.  The added bonus is you will enjoy an amazing meal at a restaurant that has received over six hundred and fifty online reviews to achieve a four and one-half star rating.

Houston is rich in history.  It is told that two brothers purchased the land advertised in papers in the East of the wondrous new city and sold land for one dollar an acre.  Consisting of only tents and rough shelters, the streets were not paved so the mud was everywhere.  Houstonians were called “Mud Turtles” as a result.

Houston Restaurant ReviewI tell you this to talk about the next gastropub on my list.  The Hay Merchant has embraced the name “Mud Turtle” to create a Mud Turtle Program.  They are so passionate about beer that they have invited anyone who wants to learn more about beer to become part of their program.  They put on beer tasting events where you can learn about beer as you drink them.  You can climb the ranks by challenging fellow Mud Turtles to blind tastings.  You could even win a trip to Belgium!

With over eighty taps, seventy-five draft and five cask engines, you are sure to find the beer of your dreams in Houston.  They also have more than two hundred kegs in their cellar!  They even have bottled beers dating back to 2001.Houston Restaurant Review

Chef and owner of the Hay Merchant, Chris Shepherd, has the most creative menu.  From PB&J Wings to tacos made from half a pig head their menu is not for the weak stomached.  I can understand why there are over one thousand online reviews that have earned them a four and one-half star rating.

The last gastropub I came across is Shepherd Park.  Located in the Garden Oaks area.  This neighborhood was established in 1937 by Edward L. Crain.  With its ranch-style houses and bungalows the area is full of pecan, oak and pine trees.  Today, Garden Oaks is considered one of the twenty-five hottest neighborhoods in the Houston area.

The pub offers a variety of beers with an alcohol by volume as low as four point four and as high as nine!  These brews come from all over to quench even the thirstiest individual.

Houston Restaurant ReviewShepherd Parks Draught House menu is full of belly chomping food.  The Houstonia named them one of the Top Burgers in 2013.  With the Akaushi beef and smoked bacon and caramelized onions, it is one mouth-watering burger you don’t want to miss.

I was amused at their “All Around” portion of their menu.  You can get item like Island Jerk Chicken, Drunk Mussels or even Pistachio Crusted Ahi Tuna Salad.  Their burgers aren’t just beef, you can have a turkey burger if you please.  But the Roasted Turkey Avocado Melt sounded like something I could really sink my teeth into.Houston Restaurant Review

I can see why they rate a four-star rating online with over two hundred reviews.

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