Why Us

Why Choose NWB College?

At NWB College, we allow students to focus their studies, with courses that emphasize the skills and knowledge required for success in their field. All classes are taught by working professionals with a history of success in their field and a strong sense of commitment to education.

  • A Customized Educational Experience
  • Flexible Class Schedules
  • Lifetime Career Assistance
  • Benefits of Choosing Northwestern College

If you would like to know more about the reasons why you should choose NWB College, call us at (866) 555-1212. One of our Admissions Representatives can tell you everything you need to know.

A Customized Educational Experience

Our students enjoy working with highly qualified instructors that are certified to teach in the highly interactive online learning environment. NWBC faculty members are dedicated to innovations in education and committed to the success of their students. These teachers are selected for their professional background as well as their academic qualifications. Their years of field experience is of critical benefit to the student. The relationships that develop with professors allow for mentoring opportunities for the student throughout their college experience, and often provide invaluable job leads and career resources.

By the time they complete their degree, our students have gained skills and knowledge directly related to their field, and are well-prepared to make an impact on the workforce. Employers take notice of their highly specialized training in our Regionally Accredited programs, and see this as an advantage when filling positions or expanding their company.

Flexible Class Schedules

We understand that our students have lives outside of the virtual classroom. Many of our students work full-time while attending school and have families or other responsibilities to take care of.

Accommodating busy schedules is one of our top priorities. We do everything possible to help our students pursue their education at their own convenience.

Lifetime Career Assistance

Our students are eligible for job placement assistance upon completion of their first quarter, but our efforts do not stop there. We also offer externship opportunities that provide real-world experience, allowing students to get a taste of their field and develop a list of professional contacts. Please visit http://www.nhcareerinstitute.org for non-college based opportunities.

Additionally, students can take advantage of our articulation agreements with a number of 4-year colleges and universities within the Chicago area, applying the credits they earned toward additional degrees. Alternatively, if they want to enter the workforce immediately, we will help students land a rewarding job once they graduate, and advance into new positions long after their studies at Northwestern College have ended.